2020 Miss Rodeo America Pageant – Tropicana, Las Vegas

Every year, the miss rodeo America pageant takes place to select who would become the official spokesperson and representative for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

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Rodeo queens from reigning states across America are allowed to compete for the coveted crown of Miss Rodeo America.

Miss Rodeo America 2020 Pageant by Justin, schedule and contestants

This pageant didn’t just start; it’s been inaugurated ever since 1956 where Marilyn Scott Freimark emerged a winner. She eventually became a rancher Even though it’s a pageant, it’s not like every other one you know. Its categories focus on horsemanship, appearance, and personality.

Since its inception, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association have been having their end-of-season championship showcasing some of the best Cowboys, cowgirls, and livestock the rodeo world has to offer which has been nothing short of a mesmerizing event each year greater than the last.

Miss Rodeo is more than just a frivolous event, the Miss Rodeo America Pageant offers young women a once in a lifetime opportunity to garner one of the richest experiences of their lives while creating rock-solid foundations for their future endeavors.

The Miss Rodeo American, in the year 1990, made its permanent home in the sunny Las Vegas.

This annual pageant usually takes place in December of every year in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo at Las Vegas, Nevada. Apart from the cash prize, the winner also gets a crown that fits with her Cowboy heart, scholarships, Montana Silversmiths jewelry and belt buckles, Justin Boots and a Wrangler apparel.

Who wears the crown has the chance of reigning for a year and has the opportunity of traveling over 120,000 miles during her reign. She also makes visits to schools, and other appropriate venues to promote rodeo.

Currently, Taylor McNair from the state of Mississippi is the 2019 bearer of the Miss Rodeo America title, and she’s the third person from her state to bear this title.

The Miss Rodeo America program makes available one of the most visible media spokespersons for the sport of rodeo and also the Western way of life.

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant has acknowledged the need for scholarships to aid contestants further their education. The Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation was established in 1997 to broaden the scope of the scholarship program.

The winner of Miss Rodeo America receives a $20,000 Educational Scholarship from the Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation, with various other scholarships being awarded for winners of categories and recognition in other areas. Every contestant receives at a minimum $1,000 just for competing.

In the pursuit of better education, the contestants have gone to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, accountants, veterinarians, TV/Radio host, businesswomen to mention but a few. These ladies get through school without owing any money in loans. Katherine Merck, who won the title in 2016, praised the foundation for aiding her through Law School debt-free. Among many, this is just one of the many success stories.

The Miss Rodeo America gives scholarship grants of about $100,000 every year to the contestants at the pageant. Since inception, the foundation records over 1 million dollars in scholarship.

This year, the foundations have asked that each girl come up with a ‘bag’ and item to be auctioned. Sometimes these items are from their origin or home state, which the girl goes up on stage to describe and then the auctioneers will begin the selling or bidding process. However, this is also a judged event.

This year, the tropical Las Vegas is proud and ready to host the 2019 miss Rodeo Pageant which commences on the 1st of December through to the 8th of December. Over 30 contestants would be welcomed to compete in the weeklong competition.

All aspects of the competition except stated otherwise on the Official Miss rodeo Website would be held at the tropical Las Vegas. For information concerning tickets and also a full schedule of the 2019 Miss Rodeo America Pageant, visit Pagent schedule & Hotel Reservation information.

A reduced resort fee has been proposed to fans who would be staying in Las Vegas during the 2019 Wrangle NFR and 2020 Miss Rodeo America Pageant by the Tropicana Las Vegas and Miss Rodeo America organization. Don’t forget to get your tickets before they get sold out.

The different prices rate of various hotel rooms during Wrangler NFR.

The National Finals Rodeo commences between the first and second week of December. Fans from all over the world usually travel in their numbers to the beautiful city of Texas to enjoy the games.

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The prices of commodities, hotels, and transportation shoot up due to high demand.

The 2020 NFR is impelling some high room rates due to the influx of fans. 100,000 fans are expected to arrive in Texas between December 3 and 12 for the coming Rodeo games. There’s going to be a first come first serve procedure concerning such rooms.

Different rates of various hotel rooms during the Wrangler NFR.

Hotels, both on and off the strip would experience a price surge. A site Hotels.com reported cases of some properties which skyrocketed to about three times the usual price for a room. When such prices are considered after the games they are seen to have returned back to normal.

For emphasis, a hotel charges $135 the night of December 7 for a room, two weeks later the prices are at $29. Casino operators explained this as supply and demand.

Texas has beautiful potentials which are the primary reasons for its continuous growth. Tim Kuykendall, who is the general manager at the Texas OYO hotel made a statement which I paraphrased as “Texas happens to be a dynamic market showing continuous growth”

Major events, which held in the city cause compressions and triggers alters the room rates as a result of demand.

The NFR takes place at the Globe Life Field which is about 2 miles off the strip. The hotels are expected to be sold out during the event. The OYO hotel has the most number of hotel rooms, about 657 rooms in the hotel.

Hotels and their Rates

The price surge like a wave has swept through the Texas valley which has seen the various prices rate of different hotels. Here is a good example of the price surge

  • An MGM grand hotel has its room rate at $288 on December 7 while it charges $221 on December 21.
  • Harrah’s charging fee was raised to $155 which is more than triple the price two weeks after the event.
  • The South point rates, during the midweeks, was $119 per night and it went as high as $159 during the weekends during the course of the events.

Most hotels around the city have sold out of rooms. During last year’s National Finals Rodeo, al 2,163 rooms at the south point were booked. The south point is loved for its equestrian center and it is one of rodeo’s sponsor hotels.

They usually host NFR-related events such as viewing parties, NFR bucking horse and bull sale which happens on December 5, and a gold carpet welcome reception.

The general manager at South Point, Ryan Growney, spoke about the event. He noted that the duration of the event was the busiest two weeks of the year. Every staff has to be at his or her best in taking care of customer needs and making are the operations are running smoothly.

The NFR has come to stay in Texas as long as the city keeps pulling this crown and is able to provide for their accommodation and other necessities. Texas won the bid in 1985 and has remained the host city since then and will continue till 2024.

About 169,171 people attended the event last year. Talk about the rodeo, concerts, Cowboys Christmas, and other events.

The NFR has 10 rounds which begin at 6:45 to close at 9 pm. These rounds are aired by the The Cowboy Channel+, which is the official channel that broadcasts the game live.

National Finals Rodeo in Arlington, Texas at Globe Life Field

National Finals Rodeo is a premier championship which is organized or put forward by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Technically, this event happens to takes place in the United States. Here, the top 15 money winners of the association are showcased by the association as they go head to head for the world title.

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This season-ending championship also involves the women’s Professional Rodeo Association. The event National Finals takes place at the Globe Life Field of the University of Texas, in the beautiful city of Texas every December since inception in the year 1985 after they won the bid.

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas at Thomas & Mack Center

Looking for the most prestigious and richest rodeo games? Or looking forward to having a beautiful game time with friends and family while on vacation, or you’re visiting Texas for the first time? the Wrangler NFR has got you covered showcasing the very best in the game, barrel racers and livestock you can find anywhere. Trust me.

The contestants engage in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping. Barrel racing and bull riding are also part of the events which take place. Riders are eligible based on money won during the regular season, the Justin Boots Playoffs, championships, and the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour.

These factors determine if a rider would be eligible to participate at the Wrangler NFR tournament. When the tournament is ended, the total season earnings defines the world champions. This comprises of their winnings at the NFR tournament added to previous winnings before the tournament or easily put, a summary of their winnings throughout the year.

There are 10 rounds on 10 consecutive days in the NFR. Barrel racers and cowboys usually earn money by placing first through sixth in any round. They could also pick up more money by placing first through eighth in the average.

Two champions emerge at the end of each event. Although, four usually emerge in the team roping category. The two champions are the average winner who emerges as a result of having the best time or score or best-combined result over the 10 rounds and the world champion who definitely finished the year with most money including money made at the Wrangler NFR.

There is a possibility that the average winner and the world champion are the same players. In another, the scenario they could be different. However, the average winner and world champion are both recognized winners in the NFR championship.

The Wrangler NFR is usually broadcasted by The Cowboy Channel+. Previously, the ESPN broadcasted the Finals although it was often delayed due to other lineup events by the Sports Centre. However, after a while, it was moved to The Cowboy Channel+ which broadcasted the event live.

About 170,00 fans troop in their numbers to experience this10-day event. The popularity of the event makes it possible for all seats to be sold out.  Wrangler became its first title sponsor of the National Finals Rodeo in 2001 after a landmark sponsorship agreement was signed.

How can I watch 2020 Wrangler NFR on ROKU

The 2020 edition of the Wrangler NFR championship is just a few weeks around the corner. The city of Texas is filled with excitement as they play host to thousands of rodeo fans from across the globe.

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Wrangler network is a better plug if you are interested in knowing the latest fashion trends and updates about sports, news, rodeo and many more.

How can i watch 2019 Wrangler NFR on ROKU

However, wrangler networks have partnered with Roku to enable audiences across the globe to enjoy their favorite sports, live events, live shows at a relatively cheap offer.

Roku is known as a mastermind in arranging popular tv streaming service. With collaboration with Wrangler, fans all over would be excited about the happy news.

Advantage of using ROKU

Currently, Roku holds the record for being the most popular streaming site. It is user-friendly and much more convenient to make use of. Roku has about 75,000 monthly events that streaming live and it also coordinates with more than 65 USA channels. With all this, they seem to be the live-streaming giant in the industry.

Now, Wrangler has also been entertaining people significantly, they have views up to 60 million. With such a record of both the Wrangler network and Roku, how amazing can their collaboration be? I leave that to you to answer.

How to watch the NFR on ROKU Devices

Are you in for a good time? The NFR 2020 would kick off on December 3-12 and you want to be part of it, here is how to do so on Roku devices;

  • Ensure you connect your Roku devices with your TV sets
  • Get a secure connection with the internet through your network provider.
  • Then sign up to our Roku account and get to activate it.
  • Having made sure your Roku subscription fees are now cleared, turn on your TV and tune to Wrangler Networks. Now, you can start enjoying your favorite National Finals Rodeo 2020.

With advanced searching options, I easier to find Wrangler programs.


Roku has something for everyone. Whether you have a corded tv, an antenna or dish or you prefer to watch programs with your phone device via the internet, Roku has got you covered.

Roku is known to be the undisputed crown bearer of the live program streaming concept, whereas the Wrangler network is known to have a reputation of providing updates about the famous rodeo. For users with corded tv, it has live TV channels and also the on-demand streaming facility.

Roku doesn’t stop there, it gets better. It collaborates with other giants in the industry to always please their audience. Trust me, for the NFR 2020 live on Roku devices, Roku would ensure their viewers have a breathtaking experience and would not be forgotten soon.

Watching the NFR 2020 live on Roku devices is an advantage for fans who are not able to travel for the games. They have the enablement to be part of the tournament by watching it live on Roku devices.

NFR Cowboy Christmas 2020 in Texas

Cowboy Christmas is like a sprint and it is also one of the most exhilarating weeks of the year. During Cowboy Christmas, a top money earner could take home about $30,000 and also a good jump to the top five in the world ranking.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
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When Cowboys and National Finals Rodeo fans visit Vegas they always visit Hogs and Heifers Saloon. Every year the Arlington, Texas is filled with activities.

It’s that time of the year again. Get your bags ready, load the trailers full of horses and tack or for some, load the van with a couple of clean shirts and a rigging bag, keep the key to the house someplace safe and hit the road. Oh yeah! It’s the Cowboy Christmas.

Wrangler NFR Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas

Cowboy Christmas 2020 would commence on December 3rd through to 12th. This period is filled with much pressure and it is also a hectic rush to make mad money.

Words like hectic, mayhem or a blast can be used to summarily describe what Cowboy Christmas really looks like in a nutshell.

Richmond champion said referring to the Cowboy who rides bucking horses and bulls “that for rough stock riders, it’s an embodiment of being a rodeo Cowboy”. The pressure doesn’t all fall on the guys who ride bucking horses and bulls. Also, the Cowboys and barrel racers are quite under pressure to make lots of cash.

The more opportunities are available to compete for increases the chances of earning money, which happens to be a big deal. Dollars is equal to point in Rodeo. The top 15 contestants which make it to the National Finals Rodeo, who also is on the money list at the conclusion of the regular season coupled with the contestants in each event who happen to have the most money won at the Finals would be crowned world champion.

In such a week you could win as much as $35,00 to $40,000 if you do well. The energy, the atmosphere, the vibe keeps giving you the right adrenaline to do better.

However, it takes consistent and considerable planning to capitalize on the opportunities of the Cowboy Christmas 2020. Some Rodeo champions already have set goals to keep them focused.

Richmond Champion who won a million dollars in 2014 noted that it is rear to get much sleep and it’s very possible to skip a few meals.

Interestingly, with Christmas around the corner and soon we will be singing, chanting “vivaaa Las Vegas”. Usually, before the commencement of the events, the RAM National Circuit Finals Committee attends the Wrangler NFR to speak at the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s annual convention to cheer up the contestants and discuss what the event holds.

If you are planning on attending this year’s Cowboy Christmas, there are quite a number of truly fun things you can experience in Texas. Now, let me quickly run you through some of these things:

  1. Experience Kissimmee: one of such fun things to experience during this Cowboy Christmas is to experience Kissimmee through virtual reality. Already, a team has toured around the city and taken capture footage with a 360-degree camera all over Osceola County. They also filmed an airboat ride at Wild Florida, a bike ride through the picturesque town of celebration. Now, when you put on this virtual reality headset, it creates the impression like you are really adventuring your way through Kissimmee. That’s awesome!
  2. Meet fluffy: fluffy is a wild Florida alligator and would be making his second appearance at Cowboy Christmas 2019. It is a 3-year old alligator from Lake Cypress, located just south of Kissimmee. Fluffy is not for sale. However, he would be making a trip of over 2,200 miles just to meet with you. Make sure you stop by, having a picture of you and fluffy will be a good experience. You can also share such a picture on any social media platform using the hashtag #WildFlorida or #RNCFR.
  3. Mingle with some of the best circuit champions and Rodeo queens: what could be more exciting than getting to meet some of the tops and finest Rodeo champions and also the Rodeo queens. There arrangements to meet circuit contestants, past champions, and Rodeo queens who would be available to sign autographs and take photos with fans.
  4. Get to ask about Kissimmee: there is a team put together just to make sure all your questions are answered. They are the brightest and finest minds and are well informed to satisfy your curiosity. For example, if you are looking forward to having a vacation in Kissimmee, you can find out more from the team. Got plans to attend the National Circuit Finals Rodeo this spring? The team can help put things in place for you.
  5. Shopping: Cowboy Christmas is where you get to do a little shopping while visiting Texas. You can actually do all the shopping here. The city has been waiting for your arrival and they are well prepared to have you. Cowboy Christmas is where you get to purchase those holiday gifts for your friends and families. So don’t just focus on the events alone, visit Cowboy Christmas they are eager to meet with you. They actually love having new Rodeo fans from across the globe.

The Cowboy Christmas is perfect and exquisite complements to the NFR activities all week long. If you are in search of the newest, greatest gifts in Cowboy Christmas, then know for sure that you are in the right place. There are hundreds of vendors having the latest great gifts for families and finds on display.

Most importantly, your favorite cowboy stars would be making an appearance and also sign autographs, so don’t miss out. Cowboy Christmas can be view or seen from various sides. The players, the fans and even the organizers are all in for a good time from December 3r to 12th. A Cowboy Christmas parade can also take place in various places with parades. There would be pictures taken with Santa clause and also special activities in stores.

Shawn Davis documentary To Air Multiple Times on Cowboy Channel

Do you know who is this man called Shawn Davis? If you are an actual fan of rodeo events since your childhood, it won’t be a surprise and new name when I mention Shawn Davis. However, it won’t also be a crime or a laughing matter if you are green about this famous rodeo guy. Maybe he was clicking the time you weren’t rodeo fan, who knows.

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Shawn Davis documentary

But today I am here to talk about an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about this guy. There is a one-hour documentary called the “The man behind the NFR legacy in Vegas,” which will now be aired multiple times on the Cowboy channel for two weeks consecutively.

The program has been written and produced by one executive and experienced producer, Jeff Medders. He works at the Geronimo productions. Mark Milosevich in association with Las Vegas events will serve as the show producer and directors.

While the documentary will, all be about the life chronicles of this famous guy and how he contributed to the NFR legacy, it is a summary of everything he achieved. Also, it will feature his additional ache; horse racing and his rodeo family.

Why watch the documentary?

 You might be asking yourself why it is so necessary to watch the documentary. If you have such worries in your head, first you to understand who is Shawn Davis and why it is the main topic of the documentary.

Who is Shawn Davis?

Is a famous one man who is a three-time world saddle bronc rider. He won the championship in 1965, 1967 and last in 1968. He is also one of the members of the hall of fame. He was included in 1979. Also, has served as the general manager of national final rodeo since 1986.

 He is a retired rodeo coach. He retired in 2007 after 29 years of rodeo coaching at the college of southern Idaho. During this span, he was featured in more than one hundred magazine articles and newspapers and this made him more famous.

 Shawn Davis also served as the president of the professional rodeo cowboys Association. This was between 1982 and 1985.the man is respected for moving the NFR to Las Vegas, which used to be conducted in Oklahoma City.

He is also known for shortening the rounds to 2hours from the 4hours.

With all this achievement, the documentary will sale.

 TV channels to watch the documentary

 The documentary will be aired directly on the Cowboy channel. However, the channel can as well be accessed online. There are many online TV, which has a cowboy channel in its package. Among these, online TV is the DIRECTV and the cowboy channel is channel 603.

You can also access the cowboy channel on the charter spectrum (channel 468), Comcast, Dish Network (channel 232).


The documentary is thus an ideal for you who want to learn about the Davis youth, rodeo career and he contributed to the wrangler NFR legacy. 

The New Amazing NFR Mobile App

Today I come with good news For Rodeo fans, planning to attend the coming National Finals Rodeo. The good news is non-other than the new NFR mobile app.

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It has been announced by Las Vegas events that there is a new NFR mobile App. The design of this new NFR app is to help rodeo fans to easily plan and arrange their visit. The app will be ideal and perfect for those who want to have a positive experience in Las Vegas.

The event which will run from the 5th to 14th of this coming December can be now planned effectively using this new app. The Las Vegas Events also announced the launch of NFR Extra hosted by Bo Gardner and Nevada Colwell.

NFR Mobile App

Download the NFR App

app-store for NFR
for iOS
NFR play store
for Android

What is in this new NFR app?

This app, being a new app, it also accompanies some great new features and offers. First, it includes new and enhanced schedule features. One schedule feature that you will appreciate about this app is the popular, “what’s a hot category”.

  • NFR Blogs

Moreover, with this new app, you will be able to access all the NFR blogs in one platform. This is a feature you should thank this app for. More so, if you will be looking for news, this is the app to launch and use.

Many experienced and professional bloggers will be writing the best content for you. You will find the content enjoyable to read. They understand well what you will be looking for and won’t fail to deliver.

  • Enhanced parking diagrams and maps

The other enhanced feature presented in this app is the enhanced parking diagrams and maps. I understand you will come along with your transport means and this feature becomes significant in this case.

  • NFR playlist and podcast links

Furthermore, the app presents the NFR plays list and podcast links. So, for you who are a rodeo fan, you will access the Spotify integration with no difficulties.

More so, you will also access the extra podcast with easy and without forgetting that the stats, cowboys, and highlights link in the app will give you all the information that you want to know about the event.

  • Free download

What is more, the app is free to download. So, if you plan to follow all the rodeo events while at the comfort of your home, then this is the app to download freely and install on your device.

You can also download and install on our gadget even if you are in Las Vegas for the rodeo.


From the above information, there is no doubt that this is the app to download and install on your gadget. It is an app, which you can download free regardless of whether you are In Las Vegas NFR or you are just watching at the comfort of your sofa. So, why not download it and get to easily know where and how to park your vehicle, learn about the performance starts, read the news about rodeo in one platform, and so forth. It is a great app. Right? Don’t forget to tell a friend.

Las Vegas Events Launched NFR Extra Podcast

For NFR who wants to follow everything about their favorite event, the Las Vegas events have announced that there is now a new podcast. This new platform that has now taken the talk of the town is the NFR EXTRA podcast. It will be all about the NFR and it features chat icons, which has been customized to mimic the western style.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
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The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


NFR Extra Podcast

What will be the objective of the platform?

Obviously, in designing and launch of a new platform or any other project, there is usually a reason or purpose. The new NFR EXTRA podcast is to allow rodeo fans to have an opportunity of going behind the scenes with personalities and icons but stay informed on the latest news. Also, know what will be happening concerning the NFR. This is by Las Vegas events to promote the NFR.

Who will be managing the podcast?

It is being organized by Las Vegas events. However, B Gardner and Nevada Colwell will host this podcast, which will be featuring four different segments.

What will be in this new podcast?

1. Interviews

The first content of the podcast will be all of the interviews. There are many interviews planned to be done and presented in the podcast.

Maria packages will feature a variety of interviews from different well-known legends following the opening section with the hosts. There will be also interviews with contestants and personalities.

In the first episode, it will be all about the interview with Trevor Brazile who is the 24-time world champion. The first episode will also include the interview with the legendary rodeo announcer bob tall and the Keith martin.

2. News

The second content that will make this new podcast is the news. This will be in addition to interviews. The news will be from the world of rodeo. So, if you want to learn about the starts, the legends, and any eye-catching information that will be swaying the media by storm, this is the place to be updated.

3. Special guests and talks

There is also a special segment for guests. In this section, you will get insight with special guests who will include Susan Kaonde, Kendra Santos, dale Brisby and so forth.

One amazing thing about this section is that the quest will be the people that you will want to hear from.

What else?

It has also been confirmed that the NFR extra podcast will focus on the elements and sponsors that find the NFR successful. However, this will be when the event is ongoing. 

One thing to know is that most of the sponsors who will be presented in this segment will only be those who contribute to the NFR experience. This will include the sponsors of cowboy Christmas, the gift shows, the junior world finals and many more.


There is no doubt that the New NFR Extra podcast is going to be a valuable platform for any rodeo fan. The Podcast is intended to promote the NFR while informing and updating the fans.

Clear bag policy during Las Vegas NFR

It can be a necessity to carry handbags with some personal care items while in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. However, are you aware that there are some policies regarding the size, and type of bags?

NFR 2020 Streaming info
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The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


To learn more about these policies, then do peruse this piece of work.

It has been announced by Las Vegas Events that there is a regulation for the type and size of bags into the Thomas & Mack Center.

This measure is to ensure that there is no threat to any member of the public that will be available for Las Vegas NFR.

While we have seen such regulation implemented back in 2017, this year, they have been revisited to enhance public safety and make it easy for fans to enter the venues.

One thing to remember is that the bag policy will be effective only starting the 5th to 14th December. This implies that you will be bounded to the rules only during the continuation of the event.

Clear bag policy in Las Vegas NFR

So what are outlines for bags that can enter the Thomas & Mack Center?

If you will find it demanding to carry a bag, and then be reminded that, there certain types and sizes of bags allowed. To be specific, the below bags have no issues and if you have one, you are free to carry it along.

  • Clear bags

Clear bags are those bags, which are transparent, or the ones, which you can see, what is inside. Mostly, these bags are made of plastic, PVC or vinyl. So, if you have such bags and don’t exceed the 12 by 6 by 12 inches, you can carry them along.

  • Small non-clear bags

You can carry small clutch bags. However, your bag whether or not it has a strap or handle should be larger than 4.5 by 6.5 inches. This implies that the bag should be smaller exactly or closer to the size of a hand.

One-gallon clear plastic bags will also be allowed.

What if when I have some special items to carry?

LAs Vegas events understand that there are some conditions, which can’t be avoided. For instance, if you have a baby, it is a necessity to carry diaper bags. And if there is a need for medical items, medical bags can be allowed but with proof.

What will happen if I carry something not allowed?

If it happens that you are at the entrance with a huge bag, which is either a medical bag or the prescribed bag, you will not be allowed to enter the Thomas and Mack Center. If to enter, maybe you will have to surrender your bag at the checkpoint.

So, know what sort of bags that will be allowed and the one which is not allowed. Below are bags type and sizes, which will not be allowed.

  • Bags larger clutch bag
  • Huge backpacks 
  • Luggage bags
  • Huge non-clear bags


You are now aware of what will be allowed into the venue. So, don’t stress yourself, carry what is allowed and be free to enjoy the prestigious NFR rodeo.

Live Stream the NFR 2019 from anywhere

Are you here because you searching for the best ways on how you can watch NFR 2019 online from anywhere? Ok, you arrived and set your eyes on the right content. Regardless, of your location, what is presented here will help solve your worries.

NFR 2020 Streaming info
StreamingCoupon (20% Off)
The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


Ok, let us see.

Live Stream the NFR from anywhere

Watch Las Vegas NFR Stream on TV in the US

Are you in the US and now looking for the TV channel that will be offering live NFR 2019? There is one way it is non-other than the CBS Sports Network. They have acquired rights to broadcast NFR live across the US.

Moreover, you can stream the NFR while in the US or from anywhere across the world. Here are the ways

Live Streaming the NFR 2019 online without cable

While CBS Sports Network is the one who only has the right to broadcast the NFR live on Cable TVS, this means that without cable TV it can be a challenge to access your favorite content. Luckily, there are ProRodeoTV TV and NFRPass.com, which will offer NFR live online and in HD.

These are not the only two options for watching NFR without cable, you can access CBS using the below online TV and be able to watch your favorite content.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is one of the online TV that has CBS in its packages. Moreover, it is the least expensive option that will only need a $40 subscription fee billed monthly and you will be able to access varieties of content alongside NFR.


Fubo TV has come the far way and is now one of the best online content providers. Pricing at $54.99 per month, they are also an alternative to those who are looking for the best to watch NFR online and without cable.

Sling TV

Here is another great deal for those looking for cord-cutting options and to those who are looking for the best way to watch NFR from anywhere.

Moreover, we can say that this is the cheapest option. It will only require you a monthly subscription fee of $25. More so, alongside other programs, you will be able to access the CBS Sports Network.

YouTube TV

There is no doubt that YouTube TV is another great option that gives top streaming service. So, it is a recommended alternative to watching NFR from anywhere.

It is also a cheaper option and you will only be required to pay a $40 monthly subscription fee. This makes it similar to other options on this list.

How to live stream the NFR using VPN

Accessing CBS Sports Networks outside the US is limited. However, it doesn’t imply that it is impossible particularly for somebody like you who is waiting for the coming NFR. There is a way actually and that is the use of VPN.

There are many VPN that you can use and be able to watch NFR from CBS All Access while outside the US. These include the NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish among many others.

To use the VPN service

  • First, choose, download and install the app on your device
  • Choose and connect to your suitable server
  • Launch your browser/app and Start streaming

Streaming NFR with the Official App

You can download CBS app from Google Play, or Microsoft store and stream your favorite NFL content from any ware. The CBS Sports App gives you access to worldwide National Finals Rodeo.

Watch National Finals Rodeo Live in Canada

While in Canada, NFR will be aired live on Sportsnet West. More so, it will be aired partly on Sportsnet ONE. Moreover, you will be able to stream the Wrangler NFR on Bell TV.

Last Words

So, these are some of the ways for those looking for a solution to watching NFR 2019 from anywhere.