The different prices rate of various hotel rooms during Wrangler NFR.

The National Finals Rodeo commences between the first and second week of December. Fans from all over the world usually travel in their numbers to the beautiful city of Las Vegas to enjoy the games.

The prices of commodities, hotels, and transportation shoot up due to high demand.

The 2019 NFR is impelling some high room rates due to the influx of fans. 100,000 fans are expected to arrive in Las Vegas between December 5 and 14 for the coming Rodeo games. There’s going to be a first come first serve procedure concerning such rooms.

Different rates of various hotel rooms during the Wrangler NFR.

Hotels, both on and off the strip would experience a price surge. A site reported cases of some properties which skyrocketed to about three times the usual price for a room. When such prices are considered after the games they are seen to have returned back to normal.

For emphasis, a hotel charges $135 the night of December 7 for a room, two weeks later the prices are at $29. Casino operators explained this as supply and demand.

Las Vegas has beautiful potentials which are the primary reasons for its continuous growth. Tim Kuykendall, who is the general manager at the Las Vegas OYO hotel made a statement which I paraphrased as “Las Vegas happens to be a dynamic market showing continuous growth”

Major events, which held in the city cause compressions and triggers alters the room rates as a result of demand.

The NFR takes place at the Thomas and Mack Center which is about 2 miles off the strip. The hotels are expected to be sold out during the event. The OYO hotel has the most number of hotel rooms, about 657 rooms in the hotel.

Hotels and their Rates

The price surge like a wave has swept through the Las Vegas valley which has seen the various prices rate of different hotels. Here is a good example of the price surge

  • An MGM grand hotel has its room rate at $288 on December 7 while it charges $221 on December 21.
  • Harrah’s charging fee was raised to $155 which is more than triple the price two weeks after the event.
  • The South point rates, during the midweeks, was $119 per night and it went as high as $159 during the weekends during the course of the events.

Most hotels around the city have sold out of rooms. During last year’s National Finals Rodeo, al 2,163 rooms at the south point were booked. The south point is loved for its equestrian center and it is one of rodeo’s sponsor hotels.

They usually host NFR-related events such as viewing parties, NFR bucking horse and bull sale which happens on December 5, and a gold carpet welcome reception.

The general manager at South Point, Ryan Growney, spoke about the event. He noted that the duration of the event was the busiest two weeks of the year. Every staff has to be at his or her best in taking care of customer needs and making are the operations are running smoothly.

The NFR has come to stay in Las Vegas as long as the city keeps pulling this crown and is able to provide for their accommodation and other necessities. Las Vegas won the bid in 1985 and has remained the host city since then and will continue till 2024.

About 169,171 people attended the event last year. Talk about the rodeo, concerts, Cowboys Christmas, and other events.

The NFR has 10 rounds which begin at 6:45 to close at 9 pm. These rounds are aired by the CBS Sports channel, which is the official channel that broadcasts the game live.

National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas at Thomas & Mack Center

National Finals Rodeo is a premier championship which is organized or put forward by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Technically, this event happens to takes place in the United States. Here, the top 15 money winners of the association are showcased by the association as they go head to head for the world title.

This season-ending championship also involves the women’s Professional Rodeo Association. The event National Finals takes place at the Thomas & Mack Centre of the University of Nevada, in the beautiful city of Las Vegas every December since inception in the year 1985 after they won the bid.

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas at Thomas & Mack Center

Looking for the most prestigious and richest rodeo games? Or looking forward to having a beautiful game time with friends and family while on vacation, or you’re visiting Las Vegas for the first time? the Wrangler NFR has got you covered showcasing the very best in the game, barrel racers and livestock you can find anywhere. Trust me.

The contestants engage in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping. Barrel racing and bull riding are also part of the events which take place. Riders are eligible based on money won during the regular season, the Justin Boots Playoffs, championships, and the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Tour.

These factors determine if a rider would be eligible to participate at the Wrangler NFR tournament. When the tournament is ended, the total season earnings defines the world champions. This comprises of their winnings at the NFR tournament added to previous winnings before the tournament or easily put, a summary of their winnings throughout the year.

There are 10 rounds on 10 consecutive days in the NFR. Barrel racers and cowboys usually earn money by placing first through sixth in any round. They could also pick up more money by placing first through eighth in the average.

Two champions emerge at the end of each event. Although, four usually emerge in the team roping category. The two champions are the average winner who emerges as a result of having the best time or score or best-combined result over the 10 rounds and the world champion who definitely finished the year with most money including money made at the Wrangler NFR.

There is a possibility that the average winner and the world champion are the same players. In another, the scenario they could be different. However, the average winner and world champion are both recognized winners in the NFR championship.

The Wrangler NFR is usually broadcasted by CBS Sports Network. Previously, the ESPN broadcasted the Finals although it was often delayed due to other lineup events by the Sports Centre. However, after a while, it was moved to CBS Sports channel which broadcasted the event live.

About 170,00 fans troop in their numbers to experience this10-day event. The popularity of the event makes it possible for all seats to be sold out.  Wrangler became its first title sponsor of the National Finals Rodeo in 2001 after a landmark sponsorship agreement was signed.

How can I watch 2019 Wrangler NFR on ROKU

The 2019 edition of the Wrangler NFR championship is just a few weeks around the corner. The city of Las Vegas is filled with excitement as they play host to thousands of rodeo fans from across the globe.

Wrangler network is a better plug if you are interested in knowing the latest fashion trends and updates about sports, news, rodeo and many more.

How can i watch 2019 Wrangler NFR on ROKU

However, wrangler networks have partnered with Roku to enable audiences across the globe to enjoy their favorite sports, live events, live shows at a relatively cheap offer.

Roku is known as a mastermind in arranging popular tv streaming service. With collaboration with Wrangler, fans all over would be excited about the happy news.

Advantage of using ROKU

Currently, Roku holds the record for being the most popular streaming site. It is user-friendly and much more convenient to make use of. Roku has about 75,000 monthly events that streaming live and it also coordinates with more than 65 USA channels. With all this, they seem to be the live-streaming giant in the industry.

Now, Wrangler has also been entertaining people significantly, they have views up to 60 million. With such a record of both the Wrangler network and Roku, how amazing can their collaboration be? I leave that to you to answer.

How to watch the NFR on ROKU Devices

Are you in for a good time? The NFR 2019 would kick off on December 5-14 and you want to be part of it, here is how to do so on Roku devices;

  • Ensure you connect your Roku devices with your TV sets
  • Get a secure connection with the internet through your network provider.
  • Then sign up to our Roku account and get to activate it.
  • Having made sure your Roku subscription fees are now cleared, turn on your TV and tune to Wrangler Networks. Now, you can start enjoying your favorite National Finals Rodeo 2019.

With advanced searching options, I easier to find Wrangler programs.


Roku has something for everyone. Whether you have a corded tv, an antenna or dish or you prefer to watch programs with your phone device via the internet, Roku has got you covered.

Roku is known to be the undisputed crown bearer of the live program streaming concept, whereas the Wrangler network is known to have a reputation of providing updates about the famous rodeo. For users with corded tv, it has live TV channels and also the on-demand streaming facility.

Roku doesn’t stop there, it gets better. It collaborates with other giants in the industry to always please their audience. Trust me, for the NFR 2019 live on Roku devices, Roku would ensure their viewers have a breathtaking experience and would not be forgotten soon.

Watching the NFR 2019 live on Roku devices is an advantage for fans who are not able to travel for the games. They have the enablement to be part of the tournament by watching it live on Roku devices.

The New Amazing NFR Mobile App

Today I come with good news For Rodeo fans, planning to attend the coming National Finals Rodeo. The good news is non-other than the new NFR mobile app.

It has been announced by Las Vegas events that there is a new NFR mobile App. The design of this new NFR app is to help rodeo fans to easily plan and arrange their visit. The app will be ideal and perfect for those who want to have a positive experience in Las Vegas.

The event which will run from the 5th to 14th of this coming December can be now planned effectively using this new app. The Las Vegas Events also announced the launch of NFR Extra hosted by Bo Gardner and Nevada Colwell.

NFR Mobile App

Download the NFR App

app-store for NFR
for iOS
NFR play store
for Android

What is in this new NFR app?

This app, being a new app, it also accompanies some great new features and offers. First, it includes new and enhanced schedule features. One schedule feature that you will appreciate about this app is the popular, “what’s a hot category”.

  • NFR Blogs

Moreover, with this new app, you will be able to access all the NFR blogs in one platform. This is a feature you should thank this app for. More so, if you will be looking for news, this is the app to launch and use.

Many experienced and professional bloggers will be writing the best content for you. You will find the content enjoyable to read. They understand well what you will be looking for and won’t fail to deliver.

  • Enhanced parking diagrams and maps

The other enhanced feature presented in this app is the enhanced parking diagrams and maps. I understand you will come along with your transport means and this feature becomes significant in this case.

  • NFR playlist and podcast links

Furthermore, the app presents the NFR plays list and podcast links. So, for you who are a rodeo fan, you will access the Spotify integration with no difficulties.

More so, you will also access the extra podcast with easy and without forgetting that the stats, cowboys, and highlights link in the app will give you all the information that you want to know about the event.

  • Free download

What is more, the app is free to download. So, if you plan to follow all the rodeo events while at the comfort of your home, then this is the app to download freely and install on your device.

You can also download and install on our gadget even if you are in Las Vegas for the rodeo.


From the above information, there is no doubt that this is the app to download and install on your gadget. It is an app, which you can download free regardless of whether you are In Las Vegas NFR or you are just watching at the comfort of your sofa. So, why not download it and get to easily know where and how to park your vehicle, learn about the performance starts, read the news about rodeo in one platform, and so forth. It is a great app. Right? Don’t forget to tell a friend.

Las Vegas Events Launched NFR Extra Podcast

For NFR who wants to follow everything about their favorite event, the Las Vegas events have announced that there is now a new podcast. This new platform that has now taken the talk of the town is the NFR EXTRA podcast. It will be all about the NFR and it features chat icons, which has been customized to mimic the western style.

NFR Extra Podcast

What will be the objective of the platform?

Obviously, in designing and launch of a new platform or any other project, there is usually a reason or purpose. The new NFR EXTRA podcast is to allow rodeo fans to have an opportunity of going behind the scenes with personalities and icons but stay informed on the latest news. Also, know what will be happening concerning the NFR. This is by Las Vegas events to promote the NFR.

Who will be managing the podcast?

It is being organized by Las Vegas events. However, B Gardner and Nevada Colwell will host this podcast, which will be featuring four different segments.

What will be in this new podcast?

1. Interviews

The first content of the podcast will be all of the interviews. There are many interviews planned to be done and presented in the podcast.

Maria packages will feature a variety of interviews from different well-known legends following the opening section with the hosts. There will be also interviews with contestants and personalities.

In the first episode, it will be all about the interview with Trevor Brazile who is the 24-time world champion. The first episode will also include the interview with the legendary rodeo announcer bob tall and the Keith martin.

2. News

The second content that will make this new podcast is the news. This will be in addition to interviews. The news will be from the world of rodeo. So, if you want to learn about the starts, the legends, and any eye-catching information that will be swaying the media by storm, this is the place to be updated.

3. Special guests and talks

There is also a special segment for guests. In this section, you will get insight with special guests who will include Susan Kaonde, Kendra Santos, dale Brisby and so forth.

One amazing thing about this section is that the quest will be the people that you will want to hear from.

What else?

It has also been confirmed that the NFR extra podcast will focus on the elements and sponsors that find the NFR successful. However, this will be when the event is ongoing. 

One thing to know is that most of the sponsors who will be presented in this segment will only be those who contribute to the NFR experience. This will include the sponsors of cowboy Christmas, the gift shows, the junior world finals and many more.


There is no doubt that the New NFR Extra podcast is going to be a valuable platform for any rodeo fan. The Podcast is intended to promote the NFR while informing and updating the fans.