The different prices rate of various hotel rooms during Wrangler NFR.

The National Finals Rodeo commences between the first and second week of December. Fans from all over the world usually travel in their numbers to the beautiful city of Las Vegas to enjoy the games.

The prices of commodities, hotels, and transportation shoot up due to high demand.

The 2019 NFR is impelling some high room rates due to the influx of fans. 100,000 fans are expected to arrive in Las Vegas between December 5 and 14 for the coming Rodeo games. There’s going to be a first come first serve procedure concerning such rooms.

Different rates of various hotel rooms during the Wrangler NFR.

Hotels, both on and off the strip would experience a price surge. A site reported cases of some properties which skyrocketed to about three times the usual price for a room. When such prices are considered after the games they are seen to have returned back to normal.

For emphasis, a hotel charges $135 the night of December 7 for a room, two weeks later the prices are at $29. Casino operators explained this as supply and demand.

Las Vegas has beautiful potentials which are the primary reasons for its continuous growth. Tim Kuykendall, who is the general manager at the Las Vegas OYO hotel made a statement which I paraphrased as “Las Vegas happens to be a dynamic market showing continuous growth”

Major events, which held in the city cause compressions and triggers alters the room rates as a result of demand.

The NFR takes place at the Thomas and Mack Center which is about 2 miles off the strip. The hotels are expected to be sold out during the event. The OYO hotel has the most number of hotel rooms, about 657 rooms in the hotel.

Hotels and their Rates

The price surge like a wave has swept through the Las Vegas valley which has seen the various prices rate of different hotels. Here is a good example of the price surge

  • An MGM grand hotel has its room rate at $288 on December 7 while it charges $221 on December 21.
  • Harrah’s charging fee was raised to $155 which is more than triple the price two weeks after the event.
  • The South point rates, during the midweeks, was $119 per night and it went as high as $159 during the weekends during the course of the events.

Most hotels around the city have sold out of rooms. During last year’s National Finals Rodeo, al 2,163 rooms at the south point were booked. The south point is loved for its equestrian center and it is one of rodeo’s sponsor hotels.

They usually host NFR-related events such as viewing parties, NFR bucking horse and bull sale which happens on December 5, and a gold carpet welcome reception.

The general manager at South Point, Ryan Growney, spoke about the event. He noted that the duration of the event was the busiest two weeks of the year. Every staff has to be at his or her best in taking care of customer needs and making are the operations are running smoothly.

The NFR has come to stay in Las Vegas as long as the city keeps pulling this crown and is able to provide for their accommodation and other necessities. Las Vegas won the bid in 1985 and has remained the host city since then and will continue till 2024.

About 169,171 people attended the event last year. Talk about the rodeo, concerts, Cowboys Christmas, and other events.

The NFR has 10 rounds which begin at 6:45 to close at 9 pm. These rounds are aired by the CBS Sports channel, which is the official channel that broadcasts the game live.

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