Las Vegas Events Launched NFR Extra Podcast

For NFR who wants to follow everything about their favorite event, the Las Vegas events have announced that there is now a new podcast. This new platform that has now taken the talk of the town is the NFR EXTRA podcast. It will be all about the NFR and it features chat icons, which has been customized to mimic the western style.

NFR Extra Podcast

What will be the objective of the platform?

Obviously, in designing and launch of a new platform or any other project, there is usually a reason or purpose. The new NFR EXTRA podcast is to allow rodeo fans to have an opportunity of going behind the scenes with personalities and icons but stay informed on the latest news. Also, know what will be happening concerning the NFR. This is by Las Vegas events to promote the NFR.

Who will be managing the podcast?

It is being organized by Las Vegas events. However, B Gardner and Nevada Colwell will host this podcast, which will be featuring four different segments.

What will be in this new podcast?

1. Interviews

The first content of the podcast will be all of the interviews. There are many interviews planned to be done and presented in the podcast.

Maria packages will feature a variety of interviews from different well-known legends following the opening section with the hosts. There will be also interviews with contestants and personalities.

In the first episode, it will be all about the interview with Trevor Brazile who is the 24-time world champion. The first episode will also include the interview with the legendary rodeo announcer bob tall and the Keith martin.

2. News

The second content that will make this new podcast is the news. This will be in addition to interviews. The news will be from the world of rodeo. So, if you want to learn about the starts, the legends, and any eye-catching information that will be swaying the media by storm, this is the place to be updated.

3. Special guests and talks

There is also a special segment for guests. In this section, you will get insight with special guests who will include Susan Kaonde, Kendra Santos, dale Brisby and so forth.

One amazing thing about this section is that the quest will be the people that you will want to hear from.

What else?

It has also been confirmed that the NFR extra podcast will focus on the elements and sponsors that find the NFR successful. However, this will be when the event is ongoing. 

One thing to know is that most of the sponsors who will be presented in this segment will only be those who contribute to the NFR experience. This will include the sponsors of cowboy Christmas, the gift shows, the junior world finals and many more.


There is no doubt that the New NFR Extra podcast is going to be a valuable platform for any rodeo fan. The Podcast is intended to promote the NFR while informing and updating the fans.

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