Do you want to buy tickets for this coming NFR event in Las Vegas? If so, there are some things that you must be aware of. Here we briefly take you through some of them.

Get NFR tickets

The Price

There are three categories of tickets offered by the Las Vegas events. These are the balcony, which goes for $73 if for an individual buyer and $730 for long term season.

The next category is the plaza, which goes for $102 if for the individual buyers and $1020 for long term season purchase.

The last category is the Gold Buckle, which goes if for $300 and $ 3000 for long term season purchase.

The Renewal of Season Ticket Period 

The renewal of long term season tickets is usually done between February and April of each year. If you have a season ticket, you will receive an invoice email from Las Vegas events in February and it will come with an April due date.

So, if you haven’t received an invoice email by March, consider getting in contact with Las Vegas events.

You should note that the renewal of the season ticket is non-automatic and it is your responsibility to renew the ticket if to avoid expiry.

Receiving the purchased ticket

You will receive your purchased ticket at the beginning of October. Contact the Las Vegas event if you would not have received your ticket by 14th the same month.

Means of receiving the sent tickets

Purchased tickets will be sent through FedEx. However, if you give the PO BOX during the purchase of your ticket, it will be sent through the United States postal service. For Canada purchasers, they will receive their tickets through USPS.

Lost and Damaged Tickets

While there are cases which can’t be avoided for example your ticket getting damaged by a chemical, solvent or water, you don’t have to panic when such circumstance occurs. Even if your ticket got lost, you will still be able to access the venue for the event but on one more thing.

The tickets must be reprinted. For this, you have the first contact with the Las Vegas events and fill in the downloaded Wrangler NFR ticket reprint form. This will cost you a few dollars.

The NFR Ticket Policy

This is an explanation in full of all the ticketing procedures. The policy also outlines how one can change information on the ticket or how one can transfer the ownership of the ticket.

Transferring the ticket ownership

While it can also possible to find that, you don’t have time to come to Las Vegas even after securing your ticket, in such case you might consider giving it to another person who has time. However, you must know some things first before attempting this move.

First, the National Finals Rodeo tickets are only transferable to a closet family member. Usually, you listed those members during the purchase of your ticket.

Second, you must download and fill in the NFR ticket transfer form.

Third, you must also be aware of willing the tickets. This is somehow different from transferring your tickets, where on a successful transfer you transfer all the rights to the new holder of the ticket.

Willing only gives the new holder the authority to use the ticket but is limited. If anything happens, the former owner is still responsible.


It has been confirmed that kids of three years and below don’t need an individual ticket. They can sit on their parent’s or guardians’ lap.


Hopefully, you have found this information regarding NFR ticketing usefully.