Shawn Davis documentary To Air Multiple Times on Cowboy Channel

Do you know who is this man called Shawn Davis? If you are an actual fan of rodeo events since your childhood, it won’t be a surprise and new name when I mention Shawn Davis. However, it won’t also be a crime or a laughing matter if you are green about this famous rodeo guy. Maybe he was clicking the time you weren’t rodeo fan, who knows.

Shawn Davis documentary

But today I am here to talk about an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about this guy. There is a one-hour documentary called the “The man behind the NFR legacy in Vegas,” which will now be aired multiple times on the Cowboy channel for two weeks consecutively.

The program has been written and produced by one executive and experienced producer, Jeff Medders. He works at the Geronimo productions. Mark Milosevich in association with Las Vegas events will serve as the show producer and directors.

While the documentary will, all be about the life chronicles of this famous guy and how he contributed to the NFR legacy, it is a summary of everything he achieved. Also, it will feature his additional ache; horse racing and his rodeo family.

Why watch the documentary?

 You might be asking yourself why it is so necessary to watch the documentary. If you have such worries in your head, first you to understand who is Shawn Davis and why it is the main topic of the documentary.

Who is Shawn Davis?

Is a famous one man who is a three-time world saddle bronc rider. He won the championship in 1965, 1967 and last in 1968. He is also one of the members of the hall of fame. He was included in 1979. Also, has served as the general manager of national final rodeo since 1986.

 He is a retired rodeo coach. He retired in 2007 after 29 years of rodeo coaching at the college of southern Idaho. During this span, he was featured in more than one hundred magazine articles and newspapers and this made him more famous.

 Shawn Davis also served as the president of the professional rodeo cowboys Association. This was between 1982 and 1985.the man is respected for moving the NFR to Las Vegas, which used to be conducted in Oklahoma City.

He is also known for shortening the rounds to 2hours from the 4hours.

With all this achievement, the documentary will sale.

 TV channels to watch the documentary

 The documentary will be aired directly on the Cowboy channel. However, the channel can as well be accessed online. There are many online TV, which has a cowboy channel in its package. Among these, online TV is the DIRECTV and the cowboy channel is channel 603.

You can also access the cowboy channel on the charter spectrum (channel 468), Comcast, Dish Network (channel 232).


The documentary is thus an ideal for you who want to learn about the Davis youth, rodeo career and he contributed to the wrangler NFR legacy. 

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